Thursday, July 17, 2014

Johnny Drama

Each day on the drive to and from work I often find myself indulged in ESPN radio (mike & mike, the Herd, the Blitz) listening to the endless gossip of what goes on in the sports world. Unfortunately we still have half a baseball season to talk about, but the one thing that really keeps coming full circle is Mr. Johnathan Football himself, Johnny Manziel. According to ESPN reporters, the guy is a regular in Vegas where he spends his off-season getting hammered drunk by the pool and raging with Drake and Bieber in the club at night. All the speculation is that this kid is ruining his career before it even started. I would argue that being is Cleveland is what is going to kill his career or that fact that he plays on a mediocre team with a receiver who is addicted to pot, which I'm not sure is even considered medically possible. To be perfectly honest, I couldn't give a shit about this guy, the fact he went to A&M is nauseating in the first place (and I'm not even a UT fan), but it's like people want this guy to fail so bad just to say that he couldn't cut it, and I ask why? Have you seen this guy on a field? Regardless of how I feel about him, there is no doubt he was the most electrifying player in college football for the past 2 years. I can't grasp why viewers wouldn't want to see that happen in the NFL. Is it fun watching Peyton Manning audible on the line for 35 seconds only so he can hit his tight end on a five yard dump pass? Or watching the Texans go three-and-out on every offensive drive because they haven't quite figured out that run, run, pass, punt isn't quite working. I mean honestly, the only two guys in the NFL who were truly exciting to watch them on each down was pre-dog fighting Michael Vick and Barry Sanders. They did things differently, they ran around; it was like watching street football. No plays, just pure athleticism and a natural gift to play the game, even it was different.

Quick side note, I am not saying I think Manziel is going to be the next Sanders or Vick, but he certainly has the capability to achieve that sort of excitement.

The next thing people keep talking about is what most people are talking about; his extracurricular activities. One thing I find funny is that people like Manziel and Gronkowski get ripped for partying, but guys like Antonio Cromartie, Willis Mcgahee, and Ray Lewis who have roughly 25 kids among the 3 with about 18 women, rarely every get reported! but a guy hits the club one night and is crucified for his antics. There are allegations the dude is snorting coke in the bathroom, smoking, and drinking. It's the fucking off-season! and even if he is supposed to be studying the Cleveland Browns shitty playbook (I hear they just took the plays from the Backyard Football Games, Pablo was a legend!) let's ask guys like Dion Sanders, Michael Irvin, and Lawrence Taylor how that went for them, oh? all 3 in the Hall of Fame? Ya don't say, hmmm, what did those three do in their spare time, oh that's right Lawrence Taylor snorted blow instead of drinking water on the sideline, and Prime Time and Irving were just 2 of almost the entire degenerate Dallas Cowboys team that dominated in the 90's. Guys did drugs all the time, gambled, paid for hookers, and anything else you could imagine that would now be considered "unprofessional". Jimmy Johnson was probably right next to them...okay that's a lie, but the truth is they got the job done when it mattered. At the time of these reports came out, Manziel was 3 months away from taking his first pre-season snap. My biggest thing is leave the guy alone. If you think he looks like a jackass then that's your thing, but how in the world can you predict someone's future career based on what they're doing three months before they even play. You can predict his failures on his size, team, mental capability, arm strength, but drinking in Las Vegas 3 months before he has to be doing anything will have zero outcome of his performances. I just think that for a guy that is supposed to start off as a backup people sure do expect a lot from him.  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

World Cup Wrap Up for the USA

The United States have finally been halted in their World Cup 2014 run with a 2-1 loss over Belgium. I was going to give it a little longer to digest, but there is so much ignorance floating around all of media, it’s disgusting. Let me just start off by saying, for all of those who are upset by our 1-2-1 (W-L-D) record showing, claiming that we have taken a step back since 2002 where we made the quarter-finals, you know nothing about the game of soccer. The 2002 World Cup first and foremost is considered one of the most corrupt and controversial WC of all-time. Secondly, both the 02’ and 14’ squad were 1-1-1 going into the quarter-final. Thirdly, we got to play Mexico in the quarter-final, a team we have played 1000 times, a team that we know their style, players, etc…and not to discredit this year’s squad from not doing their research, but the comfort level is there, the tactics have been played out in a real game several times, and not to mention, even a young Belgium team is would be considered favorites over any Mexican side (no offense, they just have more qualities players playing in higher level leagues, and to be honest that could be a whole different blog). Lastly, we had 2 kids (what up Donovan and Beasley) leading our team with the help of Claudio Reyna and Brian McBride, the chances or replicating something like that is equivalent to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, the run that the US went on is considered one of the greatest runs of all time because it was so unexpected. So please stop comparing apples to oranges, it makes no sense, it is a whole different squad with a different scenario.
As for the players performances there was a lot of interesting things. Turns out I was both very right and very wrong on some of my earlier predictions. I also want to touch on the Michael Bradley bashing people, and let me start by saying, just shut the hell up. Michael Bradley did have a rough tournament, but only because he was inconsistent. It seemed when he made a mistake it was very visible, but he was also responsible for building a lot of our goals up in which I don’t think he received enough credit for. There is no one else on the team that you can play there, prior to this he was Captain America for our team, but typical American fans, just bury him the first chance when things didn’t go his way. Also, please people stop comparing him to all the other great midfielders that were here. Yes, he is not Xavi, Pirlo, Gerrard, or any of those guys, but even at his best no one compared him to that. The guy didn’t crumble or step up to the spot light in which he was under, which is unfortunate but I wouldn’t have ever second guessed my decision to start him every game.
Some things I’m proud of:
DeAndre Yedlin: I liked this guy when he was a Akron, I wrote before that I wanted to see this guy on the WC roster because of the qualities he brings as an outside back/outside mid and I think he proved himself. I expect DeAndre Yedlin as a major contributor on the national for possibly the next decade pending he doesn’t get injured.
Fabian Johnson and Mix Diskerud: Another guy I loved, who for me, was top 3 performers on the team this WC, it’s a shame he got injured so early on in the Belgium game. As for Mix it’s too bad he didn’t see the field but he is still young and I think he has a lot to offer.  
Chris Wondolowski: I’m not actually proud of this, but it’s the case of “I hate to say I told you so”. Guy gets subbed on, a forward who is known for one thing, finishing. He’s never been recognized for his speed, skill, passing, or defending. No, this guy was known for lurking around in the box and putting opportunities away when they matter most. Not only did he have a chance to send the US through to the next round (the most important one), not only did he have an opportunity to silence his critics (me being a huge one), and not only did he almost make Klinsmann look like a god damn genius, but he an opportunity to stake his name in World Cup history with the most dramatic of finishes in a WC game. Instead, Wondo probably would have felt better getting shot in the knee caps at that moment. So as much as I feel for the guy, you got put on the team to do one fucking job and you blew it. Never again…

Where I was completely wrong:
Jermaine Jones: This one is tough for me because truthfully JJ was awful for a lot of games going into this WC which made me awfully concerned about whether or not he should start or not. But my god did he prove me wrong, and I happily admit I was wrong on that. He was an animal out there. A true definition of a box-to-box midfielder he was incredible despite a broken nose. So apologies to you sir, because you have drastically changed my mind, in only 4 games, of what you’re capable of.
Kyle Beckerman: Again this one is tough because I have always admitted that I love this guy, but the last time I wrote about the team I stated I thought Beckerman was just outside the bubble of making the team, but he was also brilliant in his own way. Beckerman is the equivalent of a Claude Makalele’ or Roy Keane (not saying he is on their level by any means, but same style of play). Guy gets stuck in everywhere, couldn’t give less of a shit about going into the attack, and just holds down the midfield in order to be the bridge between the forwards and defenders. JK’s biggest mistake, in my opinion, had to be sitting him again Belgium.

Last couple of things, it is clear to me that the US is heading in the right direction. We are a couple guys short of being dangerous. We have some young guys that have not fully developed but are showing potential, and we have a coach that seems more determined than ever to not only grow the team, but to grow the sport in general. Oh, and did I mention that Tim Howard is God and the US should consider building a gold statue of him right next to the statue of liberty.   

Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Right in Front of Your Eyes

The media hype now days is classic. All these "reporters" come out with these breaking stories trying to explain something as if nobody else had conceived this idea. On Yahoo! today, I stumbled upon an article that stated, "Whistle-blower at UNC calls out academic performances by athletes" (or something close to that). The article goes on to and gives an example of a written test by an athlete then noted that the paper received an A- when clearly it appeared to have been written by a 4th grader. So to the writers defense, the paper was dreadful, but the problem I have is the writer appears to be shocked by this, as if he is stunned that colleges help out their athletes, and what a crock it is that their entrance requirements are less than traditional undergraduate students. **News Flash**: The NCAA and college sports are as corrupt as the mafia!!  

I mean honestly, if people think that colleges and universities treat athletes the same as other students, you've been living in a hole (unless you go to BYU, those guys do not fuck around). The majority, and I stress majority of  athletes who attend top schools for top athletes (in the respected sports) couldn't give a shit about their academics. Are you shocked that the inner city kid who went to a high school with a 50% graduation rate, no family structure didn't take college seriously because he's 6'8", can shoot like Larry, and can take off from the free throw line? I can't believe he take his calculus I class more seriously...

Now the concern is that the school is allowing poor performance and pushing kids through. OF COURSE THEY ARE! these guys are bringing in millions of dollars worth of revenue to the school. The University of Texas has approximately 40,000 undergraduate students, do you think the school gives a damn how 150 (just a rough estimation of the football and basketball team rosters) students do academically? Fuck no! statistically those people are making zero difference for the school as a whole academically, but when recruits see that these guys are getting 3.5 + GPA's after going to school for 4 years, that looks real good, so why not help these guys out. The article went on to mention that some are concerned with the players reading and writing levels, stating that some of them were still on elementary levels of the two. What this guy didn't research (and I did) is that the United States as a whole, on average, only reads at a 7th grade level. So my argument to the writer is that these athletes who are constantly startling him, are actually almost at the national average. 

I mean people need to get over this whole thing with college athletes. Yes they get help academically, yes they are only there to play sports, yes some of them are getting money on the side, or fully furnished apartments waiting for them when they get there their freshman year. People want to win, and these guys bring in more money than the entire school COMBINED. 

Oh and don't believe me on the money thing? Quick solution to find that out. Explain to me how these guys that talk about how grateful they are for a scholarship cause they come from a single-parent household with 8 brothers and sisters in a low-income area, end up with two sleeves worth of tattoos? Unless they are hitting up the prison yards in their spare time to get this done for free, then they are probably getting some sort of compensation from a generous donor or rich alumni, which leads me to discuss why athletes do not deserve to be paid to play in college, but that's for a different time. 

*  In the second paragraph speaking about UT, I just used them as an example, I was not calling them out by any means.

**Sorry DII and DIII people, this has nothing to do with us athletes. I mean it might it some rare situation, but as far as I know going to a DIII school, the only payment I received was free subway on road trips, and a new uniform.

***Girls, this also isn't for you. As big time of athletes as you may be, in all DI schools there is not one women's program who makes profit from their sports, and typically is floated by the men's biggest sport. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Little bit of Everything


Look, it is pretty straight forward that regardless of your education and the amount of time you spend slumming it with us civilians gives no right for Richard Sherman to act like he did. Blame it on the over-dramatized media, blame it on his adrenaline, blame it on the fact that Sherman just finished off arguably the greatest play of his career so far on his hyped up behavior, calling out individuals and sounding like an ass. Imagine two years ago, Tim Tebow making arguably the greatest play of his career since actually being allowed to start in the NFL, when he upset Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs by throwing a prayer down field to Demaryius Thomas, over the head of Ike Taylor for what truly was an incredible win. Now imagine the end of that game Tim Tebow running off the field to reporters and saying, "Ike Taylor runs like a little bitch, I knew all along I was going to keep targeting him cause I, Tim Tebow am the greatest QB of all time, ain't nobody stoppin' me now, with JC on my side and weak ass secondaries like Pittsburgh we're going on all the way!" But because he is a Stanford man and apparently spends a lot of time with the community all is at rest in Seattle. I cannot wait to see Andrew Luck's next post game interview after a big win. 


The NBA is approaching the All-Star break and the East has proven that they're about as good as PAC 12 basketball (with the exception of Miami and Indiana). Here is a couple of things I have noticed thus far...

1. Kevin Durant might finally win his first MVP and become the next Karl Malone of the NBA. 
2. J.R. Smith finally convinced everyone that he is a horrendous basketball player who shoots his way through the boo's of the fans. 
3. The Rockets need a new point guard, but I'd be afraid to do that because it seems every PG we trade away become superior on their team, take a look 
                     A. Kyle Lowry: 16.5 PPG, 7.4 APG, 4.1 RPG, and 1.6 STLPG
                     B. Goran Dragic: 19.4 PPG, 6.0 APG, 3.4 RPG and 1.3 STLPG
Fuck... in all fairness Patrick Beverley has been looking better and better, despite the injury. 

4. Blake Griffin might actually be getting good and I hate that...
5. Greg Popovich might be the greatest overall coach of all time (suck it Phil Jackson).
6. The media needs to cool their jets on the Miami Heat, as long as LeBron James is on that team, they will be in the finals again this year. 
7. A new wave of big men are finally starting to get the respect they deserve, (LeMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Anthony Davis, and DeMarcus Cousins) 


Manchester United are actually looking to make moves?? Juan Mata's arrival will be nice, but be overshadowed by The Red Devils woeful play so far this year. A Champion League spot this year is certainly still possible, I'm a believer, but it seems that I'm in the minority. Oh, and please, for the love of God, will someone please, I beg of you, please take Chris Smalling off of our hands, because honest to God I'd rather watch the game with 10 men on the field. 

For whatever reason people keep suggesting the Arsenal is going to crumble faster than the Romans during the 2nd half of the season. The difference between the Gunners and everyone else? They don't drop points to teams they are supposed to beat, they win even when they are playing bad, and they are winning on the road (City better start taking notes). Chelsea is equally as dangerous, City has the best attack in the EPL, Liverpool will not make Champions League, and lastly, whoever you support, it seems that everyone is sort of pulling for Everton to turn heads throughout the season! 

Neymar is turning out to be exactly who I thought he'd be. The next Robinho. I undersized, fancy-footed striker with good pace, who occasionally shows up to games and scores goals. The truth is, he's about 8-12 years late in the soccer world. There was a time and place where the Joga Bonita players were the real deal (Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo (look how he used to play)) and the list could go on, but the footwork used to work, and don't get me wrong, it still does, but not like it used to. Even if you look at the best, Messi and Ronaldo, though their ability to beat players 1-v-1 is impeccable, it is done used speed and strength, small chops (Messi) and space. The step overs, flip flops, and spins have become less part of the game, which is Neymar's best attributes.

I hated the FIFA best XI: I posted this earlier and here is why: 

  I think that Dani Alves first and foremost should have no business on that list, not to mention they toally disregarded the LB position as both Alves and Lahm play RB. If you compare those two, Lahm is twice the outside back that Alves is. I would have picked someone who made a difference for their team. Look at one of the defenders for Borussia or Juventus. Secondly, Ibrahimovic? are you kidding me, just because his goals shows up on the ESPN and what not, playing on the only recognizable team in the French league, which could be argued as one of the weaker countries to play in, he better be scoring 30+ goals a year. But guys like Robin Van Persie, or Luis Suarez aren't on that squad, it's a joke. Thiago Silva is highly overrated in my opinion, huge fan of Brazil, but there are 3 or 4 center backs I'd pick before him (Kompany, Vidic, Hummels, Chiellini (sp?)) just to name some. and finally two guys who I felt got snubbed, even though I see why it is difficult to put them in there is, Ozil and Bale. Ozil for Madrid last year was unbelievable and Bale literally carried Tottenham on his shoulders to even keep them remotely relevant in the EPL. Lastly, and somehow I am in the minority on this one, I think Franck Ribery is highly overrated as well. Statistically alone, last year Ribery had 16 goals and 23 assists in all competitions, and he was nominated for the 2013 Ballon d'Or, here are just a few guys who had better or equal stats as that, Juan Mata (21 goals and 29 assists), Eden Hazard (17 goals, 21 assists), Wayne Rooney (22 goals, 14 assists), and Mesut Ozil (16 goals, 35 assists). I know that is looking at stats alone, but if him winning competitions is what is separating him then they could have picked a few guys from Bayern, not to mention any of the guys I just mentioned could go there and do they same exact thing.


Seriously, baseball has to be the worst ran sport in history. If you think baseball is America's past time, that's because your a boarder-line racist. The Hall of Fame voters have chosen to ostracize an entire generation of baseball due to suspected steroid use. What they didn't look at is that baseball had its highest ratings ever during that time (Thank you Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds). Instead they elected Greg Maddux, an 84 mph fastball pitcher who looks like Ferris Buehler's big brother. The biggest news right now is A-Rod again denying steroid use on a career that is falling apart at the seams. Oh, and the Yankees just signed a new Japanese pitcher that everyone will forget about as soon as opening day comes. On the plus side, the MLB has finally OK'd the use of replay...congratulations on that, only about decade behind on a technology update that will now make your game even slower, if that's even possible. 

My new rules for baseball: 

1. if the ball is hit out of the infield a player must be forced to attempt 2nd

2. if any player (with the exception of the 1st baseman) can field a grounder and jog over to 1st for the out before the runner gets there, it should be two outs. 
3. anytime a player is HBP, as long as batters don't bring their bat with them, the pitcher better watch out, because it is fucking go time, clear the benches. 
4.  if a pitcher's routine takes longer than 15 seconds once the catcher throws it back to him, it is the equivalent of a balk. Stop touching your hat so god damn much, we know the heater is coming again, you're not fooling anyone. 

Sometimes I honestly wonder why I even follow sports anymore....  

Friday, December 6, 2013

I think it's only appropriate that I decide to write something on the 2014 World Cup drawing on this thing after having quite the writing hiatus. Certainly many people were anticipating the draw, as we've seen a rise in interest of the US National team (along with soccer in general). The pre draw show was certainly interesting, a Brazilian Drake who looked oddly uncomfortable not only dancing but standing next to what had to have been the Brazilian Adel. Then there was some more dancing, a gorgeous host, and finally the representatives who would be assisting in the drawing.

Conspiracy theorist must have been in fits after seeing France and Brazil both put into relatively easy groups, and most spectators had to have been giddy about Spain and Netherlands going toe-to-toe in the first round. To me, it seemed there were two groups of death (even though most people tend to disagree), but England, Uruguay, Italy, and Costa Rica all in the same group? Uruguay and Italy are always contenders in the World Cup, Costa Rica have been in fine form, not to mention that both Uruguay and Costa Rica are location wise, more on home soil than previous World Cups. England on paper always look good, and despite their constant disappointment, you can never really count them out, nor can you not expect them to just roll over.

And wouldn't you know it, Jurgen Klinsmann and the boys have been thrown into the most recognized group-of-death, along with Germany, Ghana, and Cristiano Rona, I mean Portugal. The truth is when I first saw the groups I was instantly on the "we're fucked" train, but after giving it some thought, I believe that this uphill battle is certainly doable. Against Ghana, it's always a grudge match. Our record doesn't look so suave against them, but it's always well fought, not to mention they make quite the travel this time around. As for Portugal, you never know if they are going to show up. Ronaldo will certainly have all eyes on him, but history shows (with the exception of the Sweden games) that this tactic doesn't always work for them. He's IT for the team. They have other quality players but the tend not to utilize them; everything goes through CR7 and just as in qualifications, that doesn't always pan out, and again not to mention, Portugal better remember what happened to them in 2002. Germany will be the most difficult to play obviously, their whole team on paper is world class and their play proves it. The one perk that we have is we have German coach who was born and raised on German style soccer, and we also proved ourselves against a "bench warming" Germany team, but the one positive from that is we can match their style of play, just because it was different players, doesn't mean their style was all that different, in fact, it should be almost identical. It is up to JK now to pick the appropriate players (soon hopefully) and try and gel those (let's say about 15) players together, instead of allowing different guys to keep getting a shot on the team.

Some guys that need to get the hell off the team and never be allowed to put on an American uniform again are guys like Edgar Castillo, Eric Wondolowski, Brad Davis (sorry dude), Will Bruin, Joe Corona, Kyle Beckerman (I like him, but not for the national team), Josh Gatt, Jose Torres or Onyewu. Sorry fellas, but either your too old, too slow, or just not good enough to be playing at this level. At the same time there are a couple of guys who need to be regularly playing for the team in order to gain confidence or mesh better with the team. Clarence Goodson, even though I feel iffy about him seem to play well during qualifications, and him and Omar Gonzalez could prove to be a solid pairing in the back. Mix Diskerud brings fantastic diversity to the team, maybe not necessarily as a starter, but certainly as a player getting time. Timothy Chandler, Steve Cherundolo and Fabian Johnson, once healthy could be factors, and the little Icelandic kid, Aaron Johannsson shows flashes of being very creative in the midfield, something we severely lack in the attack.

Other notable guys who haven't even been spoken of on the team are Eric Lichaj, who is lightning and spent his entire career over in England, DeAndre Yedlin, the left back for Seattle Sounders I think is fantastic and is more of a new age outside back who loves to get into the attack. Perhaps it's a little biased but I think Sarkodi of the Houston Dynamo is a very effective outside back (see ya Corey Ashe). I also like Benny Feilhaber (who has been recently called up), and as a side note, I'd love to see Brek Shea on the team, but only, and I mean ONLY as a super sub, never should he be standing on the pitch when the starting whistle blows.

These are just some things to think about, and this is who I think should be in our 23 man roster when we make way to Brazil.

GK Tim Howard
RB Steve Cherundolo
CB Omar Gonzalez
CB Omar Gonzalez
LB DeAndre Yedlin
CM Michael Bradley
CM Geoff Cameron
ACM Clint Dempsey (I'd argue that maybe Johannsson could play here)
ALM Landon Donovan
ARM Fabian Johnson
ST Jozy Altidore


GK Brad Guzan
GK who gives a shit
DEF Erich Lichaj
DEF DeMarcus Beasley
DEF Matt Besler
MID Jermaine Jones
MID Brek Shea
MID Mix Diskerud
MID Benny Feilhaber
MID Alejando Bedoya
ST Eddie Johnson
ST/MID Aaron Johannsson

I know I mentioned Sarkodi, but oh well. Anyways, just my thoughts, and I believe we can pull this off!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Invention for a lifetime.

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine about the greatest invention of all time. There are all sorts of answers depending on your opinion. We can start with the original invention of fire, and to be fair to fire, at some point the creation of fire was ideally the greatest invention ever, unfortunately now, thanks to lighter's and matches (which is practically a dying invention as well), fire hardly seems something we are grateful for. Secondly, we have the wheel. The wheel seems like a great invention, but quite frankly isn't the invention of the second wheel more pertinent than the solo wheel. As the years progress there have certainly been some wonderful inventions that have helped all of mankind. Distilled alcohol should certainly be a candidate, with out it we would have never known Jesus could have turned water into it, and people would hate their lives more than they already do if not for the consumption of alcohol. But even then, as enjoyable as it may be, I'm not sure that alcohol hails numero uno. Planes, cars, and specifically boats, seem like the reason we have ended up on the western hemisphere, but as much as I'm thankful that Christopher Columbus was arguably the worst explorer to sail the sea's seeing he couldn't read a compass properly, that doesn't seem like the greatest invention to me either.  In all seriousness, agriculture is definitely a close second. But the winner for me has got to be the printing press. Every bit of knowledge that we have possessed has been possible because we could read it from somewhere. All the technology that we have today had to be put on paper somewhere first, and if not for Mr. Johannes Gutenberg creation of the printing press, we would still be back in the dark ages.

Disagree? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Parenting: If they make a Mistake...hit em'

Alright well I'm not a parent, but that doesn't mean that I'm not aware of the rights and wrong's of bringing up a child. 

Nothing is more infuriating than being in a public place and witnessing a child get the hell beat out of them because they are "making a scene". To be fair, the only scene that is being made is watching a parent's inability to control your child with out having to wail on them. For all the people who believe that hitting your child is a proper way of teaching discipline let me ask you a couple of things. At your age, if someone were to hit you repeatedly because you weren't doing something right, would you still want to be near them, talk to them, or go to them when you have a problem? Unless your suffering from Stockholm Syndrome my guess is probably not. You say fuck that guy, and you never want to hang out with them anymore. So what do you think your child thinks? That you love them unconditionally still after you told them to go get "the belt"? All your doing when you hit a child for acting up is striking fear into them, not necessarily teaching them a lesson. You would think by now that people would have figured that out. Yet some people find that acting like a barbarian who has no other logic except force is the right way to handle things. Did you ever stop to think that your child has only been in the world for lets say, two or three years? and that maybe it's possible that they are not fully aware of what is right and what is wrong? If that were the case nobody would ever make anymore mistakes by the time we reach adulthood. Everyone makes the right decision, and nobody ever fucks up anymore because they should already know. From a logical standpoint, parents, if you make a mistake shouldn't someone be allowed to hit you? I mean you should know better by now right? Yet some people still insist on not listening to people when they are told specific instructions right? I say beat them. Beat them all for the their mistakes. The sad thing is they should actually know better by now because they older, more wise, and conscious of the decision's they make. Yet somehow when that happens that is considered assault. But when an innocent child is hit, it's called punishment or parenting. 

"Well I was hit when I was a child and I turned out okay." That's awesome, you're called the exception. Even then, maybe your not even aware of the mental trauma that was ingrained into you, or maybe your not as close with your parents because of that. 

Beating your kids is the easy way out of parenting, and often the result of built up anger that is taken out on your child rather than the culprit who initially pissed you off. Anyone can hit a kid, and it makes you look pathetic. Try hitting your spouse next time they don't do things right, or a stranger who is acting up in public and see how things go. I'll reiterate me point by telling you hitting children doesn't teach them lessons, it only teaches them fear. The reason they stop acting up is because they are scared of being hit, not understanding what they did was wrong. So maybe it's time for you to start growing up, rather than hitting someone who is trying to do the same thing.